This season's services have concluded.
Rethink parking
in the digital age.
Your feedback inspired a suite of tools that made leasing and managing parking spots easier than ever before. Find below a list of our carefully designed features, each built with your convenience in mind.
Custom Date Range
Sell your parking short-term, long-term, or even for specific events. Set the availability dates and pricing based on daily, weekly, monthly, or full lease periods. You may also allow renters to choose a rental duration or set a minimum lease term.
Upfront or Monthly Payment
Set your own prices and have renters pay either monthly or upfront. Tailor your payment terms to meet your preferences.
Minimum Lease Range
Ensure your spot is never left vacant for long. Set a minimum lease duration for your parking. Whether it's for a week, a month, or a year, you're in control of how long your parking space is rented out.
List Multiple Spots
Do you own a parking lot or multiple spots? You only have to list each location once and specify how many spots are available at each location! You can even edit the number of the available spots in the event that you sell a spot outside of our service.
Parking Ammenities
Is your spot sheltered? Is EV Charging available? Will you provide a parking pass? For game days, you can also promote exclusive deals, such as park & dine specials and drive foot traffic.
Vehicle Information
Set a maximum vehicle size for your spot so no one comes with a car that doesn’t fit.
Featured Parking Spots
For events, feature your lot on our front page. Advertise your business and drive foot-traffic. One business generated nearly half of their game day revenue from parking sales.
Access To Our Waitlist
Get notified of our waitlist of buyers about spots that meet their search criteria as they are listed. We advertise your parking spots to our waitlist to get them sold.
Cancellation Protection
For short-term rentals, we require full upfront payment. For long-term rentals, we ask for the first and last month’s rent as a deposit.
Seller Dashboard
View and track your sales, determine all income earned from your spots, and preview upcoming payments and payouts.
In-app Communication
Communicate with renters and potential renters all in our app. Send notifications about snow plow services, message guests to move their cars, discuss parking pass transfer times, negotiate rates, and more.
Approve and Reject Requests
All parking requests must be approved by you, the landlord, before any transactions go through. This ensures available space at the time of the rental creation and enables prioritization for apartment tenants.