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Available in Big 10 Schools
Don't miss out on the chance to secure parking for the upcoming football games at Big 10 Schools with BuyMySpot. Say goodbye to the stress of circling the block and ensure a hassle-free experience. Experience convenience like never before with BuyMySpot! View some events below.
Bowling Green @ Michigan
Ohio State @ Michigan
Ohio State @ Wisconsin
Northwestern @ Wisconsin
Illinois @ Maryland
Penn State @ Maryland
Michigan @ Maryland
Penn State @ Illinois
Wisconsin @ Illinois
Indiana @ Penn State
Michigan @ Penn State
For Sellers
Say goodbye to the frustration of waiving down cars to fill your lot. Take control of your parking operation with BuyMySpot. List and sell your parking spots in advance effortlessly.
Sell Out In Advance
Maximize your convenience and profit by ensuring a guaranteed sale for your parking space with our efficient pre-booking system.
Get Your Gameday Back
Tired of spending precious game day moments haggling with potential buyers, holding up cardboard signs, and waiting around for someone to rent your parking spot? Reclaim your gameday with BuyMySpot!
For Buyers
Avoid circling the block on gameday. BuyMySpot offers hassle-free parking with verified spots near the stadium. Secure your spot in advance, pay online, and enjoy a stress-free gameday.
Reserve Parking In Advance
Reserve parking in advance to secure your spot and avoid last-minute searching. Guarantee gameday convenience so you have a stress-free day.
Avoid Circling The Block
Say goodbye to circling the block in search of parking and reserve your space ahead of time. Explore spots near the venue at great prices.
Your questions, answered
Can I switch my vehicle or transfer my lease to someone else?
Absolutely! If you wish to make these changes, please inform us before the game day. We'll promptly update the necessary documentation used to verify parkers as they enter the lot.
Can I customize prices per game or offer season passes?
For now, we recommend utilizing our Spot Type feature. This feature allows you to set different options for a single property, which is commonly used for various spot types such as handicap or regular. However, it's also applicable for customizing pricing, including per game rates or season pass offerings.
How early can I reserve parking, and can I secure a season pass?
The timeframe varies. Sellers offer reservations from as little as a day before to several weeks in advance of the games. In some cases, you might even be able to reserve season passes for the entire season with specific sellers.
How can I offer gameday parking for rent?
Simply list your spots on our app, designating the first available date as the start of the season and the last available date as the season's end. Alternatively, you can list games individually. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need assistance. Our platform accommodates multiple spot types under one property, enabling options like per game pricing or even a comprehensive season pass.
When should I arrive for parking?
To secure your spot, plan to arrive between 3 hours prior to the game and the game's start time. Sellers typically cease admitting parkers once the game has begun to prevent the possibility of your spot being taken by someone else.
How can I prevent accidental overselling and reserve spots for specific days?
Absolutely! Our platform, BuyMySpot, grants you the ability to manage these concerns. You can avoid overselling by accepting or rejecting lease requests as needed.
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