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The campus parking solution for you.

Over 1000 students registered on our platform looking for parking.

The campus parking solution for you.

Over 1000 students registered on our platform looking for parking.
Parking is hard. We get it.
Liberate yourself from the overwhelming mess of inquiries, messages, spreadsheets, listings, and confused tenants. Cut out guesswork and save time with automated parking management. Monitor real-time occupancy, maximize bookings, and skyrocket your revenue. Leave stress behind and reclaim your time.
What our solution offers
Maximize Sales Throughout The Year
Transform your parking spots into a reliable source of income throughout the year. With our platform, you can ensure a consistent cash flow, regardless of dips and peaks that come with seasons. Our platform ensures your parking spots are always in demand and maintains a steady stream of bookings.
Take Time off management
Free up your schedule and let our platform handle the intricacies. Spend less time managing and more time growing. Our platform simplifies parking management, saving you countless hours. Say goodbye to tedious administrative tasks and focus on what truly matters for your business.
Leave No Space Unused
At BuyMySpot, we believe that every space is an asset. Minimize wastage and optimize usage of every square foot. An empty parking spot is an untapped resource. Our platform minimizes vacancies, turning unused space into an asset, maximizing efficiency and profitability at the same time.
Choose functions that work best for you
Customizable To any scenario
Custom Date Range
Sell your parking short-term, long-term, or even for events. Set availability dates and pricing based on daily, weekly, monthly, or full lease periods.
Sell all features
List Multiple Spots
Do you own a parking lot or multiple spots? You only have to list each location once and specify how many spots are available at each location!
Seller Dashboard
View and track your sales, determine all income made from your parking spots, and preview upcoming payments and payouts.
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See what our leasers say.

"BuyMySpot was attractive to us as there was zero charge to list our parking spots on the platform. Using the platform is a no-brainer for landlords to rent out parking in advance."

Bennett B.

Principal of The Cabrio Group

"As a restaurant that sells parking during events like college football game days, it is nice to know which spots will be full and know the occupancy of the lot real-time."

Jeff N.

Chief Revenue Officer of 4M

"We had extra parking behind our house and listed it on BuyMySpot. It was extremely easy and took less than 3 minutes. Literally the next day we had 5 different requests to buy it."

Ben G.

CEO of Sublease Market
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